Jul 7, 2021

Review: Carl's Jr. - Hand-Breaded Chicken Sandwich

Carl's Jr.'s Hand-Breaded Chicken Sandwich features a chicken breast filet dipped in buttermilk, lightly-breaded, and then deep-fried until crispy. The filet comes served with garlic pickles and mayo on a toasted potato bun.

It's priced at $6.99 in my area, which is a sizeable premium compared to the $4 to $5 pricing that most new fast food chain chicken sandwiches are going for. I received this one courtesy of Carl's Jr.

While it's priced higher, the chicken filet was notably one of the smaller ones I've seen out of the new fast food chicken sandwiches that I've tried. It was actually a normal size as far as fast food chicken sandwiches go but the recent influx of new fried chicken sandwiches have generally been bigger and plumper than previous versions. The chicken here was fairly juicy but left some bare coverage on the bun.

In flavor, I mostly tasted salt on the chicken and breading to the detriment of any other seasonings that may have been lurking about.

The breading was pretty interesting and different from the flaky or craggy stuff that's typical on fried chicken. It was mostly flat and tight on the chicken without much in the way of air bubbles. It was almost crackly in its crispiness as a result, which was nice.

The mayo here was pretty spare but managed a bit of richness to help cut against the salt.

The pickles were thick with a light pickling and crunch but weren't particularly garlicky.

The bun was squishy but dense with a slight chew to it.

Overall, Carl's Jr. Hand-Breaded Chicken Sandwich turned out nice enough but comes off a little too plain in terms of flavor. More variety of seasoning or a flavored mayo would have worked out better for it. Given its smaller chicken size and significantly higher pricing versus the competition, it's a hard sell for me.

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