Jul 25, 2021

Domino's Welcomes New "Super Premium" Line of Pizza in Australia

Domino's looks to offer a new, higher quality line of pizzas over in Australia that they're calling their "Super Premium Range."

The Super Premium Range features local ingredients such as smoked Australian beef brisket, aged Tasmania cheddar, Hastings Valley parmesan, Wimmera Peking duck, and Australian arugula (they call it, "rocket"). Other key toppings include smoked black pepper salmon and broccoli.

The Super Premium Range consists of the following pizzas:

- Crispy BBQ Peking Duck & Bacon Pizza - Topped with BBQ Peking duck, back bacon, red onion, bell pepper, over a BBQ sauce base, finished with a sprinkling of green onions.

- Smoked Salmon, Parmesan & Rocket Pizza - Topped with smoked black pepper salmon, shaved broccoli, parmesan, cherry tomatoes, and red onion, over a garlic sauce base, finished with a drizzle of tomato & bell pepper sauce and arugula.

- BBQ Meats Deluxe Pizza - Smoked beef brisket, Peking duck, seasoned chicken, pepperoni, and red onion, on a BBQ sauce base, finished with a drizzle of Hickory BBQ sauce and arugula.

- Low & Slow BBQ Brisket Pizza - Smoked beef brisket, aged cheddar, back bacon (they call it "rasher bacon"), diced tomato, and red onion, on a BBQ and garlic sauce base.

Pricing for the new Super Premium pizzas start at $18.65 AUS for a large (~$13.77 US).

The new toppings can also be added any pizza of your choice for an extra charge (varies with topping).

A similar line can also be found in nearby New Zealand, where they're calling it, the "Super Gourmet Range."

Photo via Domino's Australia.

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