Jul 16, 2021

Klondike Adds New Shake in a Pouch

Klondike adds shakes to their frozen dessert line-up with the roll-out of new Klondike Shakes in a Pouch.

Meant to be a convenient (you don't need a straw or a spoon), mess-free individual shake serving, Klondike Shakes come in three flavors: Chill Out & Vanilla, Sit Back & Strawberry, and Wind Down & Chocolate (AKA vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate).

According to the instructions, you need to wait 3 minutes once taking the pouch shake out of the freezer to start slurping.

Klondike Shakes in a Pouch come in a box of six 4.7-fl-oz shakes for around $5.99 (may vary). They're still being rolled-out but you can try the Klondike online product locator to find them near you.

Photo via Klondike.

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