Nov 8, 2021

See's Offers Both Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Coffee Scotchmallows for November 2021

See's introduces the new Coffee Scotchmallow in both Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate varieties as a limited-time offering.

The Milk Coffee Scotchmallow features a blend of coffee caramel and coffee marshmallow covered in milk chocolate, while the Dark Coffee Scotchmallow features the same but covered in dark chocolate.

See's is asking fans (through votes and purchases) to decide which of the two varieties to keep on permanently in 2022. Both Milk Coffee Scotchmallows and Dark Coffee Scotchmallows can be found in a six-piece box for $10 in shops and online for a limited time, while supplies last. On the boxes is a QR code that you can scan and vote.

See's also offers a number of limited-time, seasonal chocolates for fall 2021 including:

- Cranberry Orange Truffle - A cranberry and orange soft center covered in dark chocolate. A box of six is $9.

- Apple Pie Truffle - A Granny Smith apple and cinnamon soft center enrobed in white chocolate. A box of six is $9.

- Pumpkin Pie Truffle - A pumpkin, allspice and cinnamon soft center coated in milk chocolate. A box of six is $9.

- Pecan Pie Truffle - Creamy brown sugar and roasted pecan bits in a white chocolate shell. A box of six is $9.

Photo via See's Candies.

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