Nov 15, 2021

Ferrara Puts Out New Brach's Funfetti and Wintergreen Candy Canes

Ferrara adds two new holiday candy canes to this year's selection with the arrival of new Brach's Funfetti Candy Canes and Wintergreen Candy Canes.

New Funfetti Candy Canes feature candy canes with rainbow sprinkles inside each chain for extra color and texture. However, they are apparently not birthday cake-flavored.

New Wintergreen Candy Canes offer a cool wintergreen flavor and white-and-green-striped color scheme.

The new candy canes are joined by a number of returning varieties, including:

- Red & White Candy Canes - Classic peppermint candy canes.

- Cherry Rainbow Candy Canes - Cherry-flavored candy canes with bright red, blue, green, and yellow striped pattern.

- SweeTarts Candy Canes - Sweet and tangy SweetTarts fruit-flavored candy canes. These come in three flavors and several colors.

You can find Ferrara's various candy canes now throughout the holiday season at retailers nationwide.

Photo via Ferrara.

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