Nov 26, 2021

Papa John's Reveals New Restaurant Design

Papa John's introduces a new restaurant design to go along with a new logo and look for the brand.

Calling the new restaurant design, "customer-centric," key features of the design include an open floorplan, pick-up shelves (for self-service without waiting in line), and modular stations in the kitchen (which can be used to prepare different products at different times).

Looking at the mock-up of the new design, the pick-up shelves are plain shelves rather than the locker-type system employed by competitor Little Caesars. Additionally, the counter seems to offer a better view of the kitchen area. Other than that, the design changes appear to be mostly cosmetic.

The exterior looks to include curbside pick-up spots and floor-to-ceiling windows in the entry way.

According to Papa John's, they've begun a phased roll-out of the new design and visual brand identity.

Photos via Papa John's.

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