Nov 16, 2021

Checkers & Rally's Launch New Garlic & Butter Bacon Buford

Checkers & Rally's launch the new Garlic & Butter Bacon Buford as the latest limited-edition variant of their signature premium burger, the Buford.

The Garlic & Butter Bacon Buford features two seasoned beef hamburger patties topped with two slices of Swiss cheese, two slices of bacon, iceberg lettuce, tomato, grilled red onions, and a garlicky, parmesan sauce on a buttered, toasted, bakery-style bun for $5.99.

While it's around, you can also get the new Garlic & Butter Bacon Buford as part of a combo meal with fries and a drink. Prices for the combo meal starts at $7.99 in my area.

Photo via Checkers & Rally's.

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