Nov 15, 2021

Wienerschnitzel Whips Up New Apple Jacks Dipped Cone & Shake

Wienerschnitzel aims for Saturday morning, cereal-eating nostalgia with the arrival of new Apple Jacks Dipped Cones and Apple Jacks Shakes.

The Apple Jacks Dipped Cone features a cake cone filled with Tastee Freeze vanilla soft serve dipped in Apple Jacks cone dip, while the Apple Jacks Shake a blended shake made of Tastee Freeze vanilla soft serve and Apple Jacks cone dip. According to Wienerschnitzel, the flavor is meant to be reminiscent of "drinking that last flavorful bit of cold milk after finishing a nice bowl of Apple Jacks."

Both cereal-themed frozen desserts can be found at participating Wienerschnitzel restaurants for a limited time.

Prices vary but in my area, the Apple Jacks Dipped Cone goes for $2.59 and the Apple Jacks Shake is $4.59.

Photo via Wienerschintzel.

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