Nov 4, 2021

Burger King Serves Up "Purple Seoul" Burger with Purple Bun in Indonesia

Burger King serves up new, Korean-themed, Purple Seoul burgers, which feature a purple bun, for a limited time over in Indonesia as part of the purple-themed Purple Seoul menu.

The Purple Seoul burger comes with either a flame-grilled beef patty, or crispy-fried chicken filet, which is served with purple cabbage, Sweet & Spicy Korean sauce, shredded mozzarella, and double-long K-rashers (beef bacon) on a purple bun with sesame seeds.

Also featured on the Purple Seoul menu are a Blueberry Super Float, Blueberry Sundae, Purple Fusion (a blend of vanilla soft serve and blueberry frozen yogurt), and King's Chicken (fried chicken) tossed in Sweet & Spicy Korean sauce.

Photo via Burger King Indonesia.

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