Nov 4, 2021

Review: Blaze Pizza - Garlic Pesto Cheesy Bread

Blaze Pizza's Garlic Pesto Cheesy Bread features the chain's classic pizza dough topped with shredded mozzarella, oregano, chopped garlic, and a drizzle of basil pesto. An order includes two small cups of red sauce (or spicy red sauce) for dipping.

An order cost me $4.95.

They dough turned out pretty well here. There's a thin, crispy crust to it with a soft and chewy crumb inside. It's about twice as thick as their regular pizzas with a bit more rise to it.

The cheese was plentiful and nicely melted with not a lot of flavor but a nice stretchy pull. Fortunately, the oregano, chopped garlic, and basil pesto added quite a bit of flavor, particularly the chopped garlic and basil pesto. However, the garlic was a bit raw on this visit and still had that acrid bite you get from uncooked garlic.

The red sauce added some fresh tanginess and variety.

Overall, Blaze Pizza's Garlic Pesto Cheesy Bread was pretty enjoyable. The bread offered a nice balance between soft and crispy, the cheese had a nice flavor, and the garlicky quality brings to mind garlic bread but with the pesto adding a slight twist. Also, the price is very competitive with what other pizza chains offer in terms of cheese bread/cheese sticks.

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