Jan 17, 2022

Burger King Japan Introduces Sandwich with Butter-filled Potato Croquette Patty

Burger King serves up the new Guilty Butter Croquette Sandwich for a limited time over in Japan.

The new sandwich features both a crispy-fried potato croquette patty filled with butter as well as a butter-infused artisan burger bun. Along for the ride are pickles, lettuce, onion, mayo, and a cheddar cheese sauce. It's basically a buttery, crispy-fried mashed potato sandwich.

The price tag on Burger King's Guilty Butter Croquette Sandwich comes out to 640 yen (~$5.58 US). It is the latest in a line of Guilty Butter burgers/sandwiches that was first introduced last year with both hamburger and chicken sandwich versions. The key feature of the line is the butter-infused artisan bun, which I'm guessing is meant to be so buttery that you feel "guilty" eating it.

Photo via Burger King Japan.

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