Jan 21, 2022

Little Caesars' Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza is Now Just "Detroit-Style Deep Dish Pizza"

Little Caesars opts for a more conventional name for their Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza, which is now just the "Detroit-Style Deep Dish Pizza."

While the previous Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza paid homage to their previous "Pizza! Pizza!" marketing slogan, it's a bit silly to order (although it's not the mouthful that is their ExtraMostBestest Pizza) by phone or in-person, although a growing portion of their orders (and fast food orders in general) are taken online in recent years.

While the reasoning behind the name change isn't known, from what I've seen, people generally call it either the "Deep Deep Dish Pizza," the "Deep Dish Pizza," or "Detroit-Style Deep Dish Pizza." Given Little Caesars' Detroit roots, and to differentiate the pizza style from other types of deep dish pizza, the new name makes sense.

Photo via Little Caesars.

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