Jan 23, 2022

New, Limited-Edition Pepsi ColaCream Donut Only at Randy's Donuts in Inglewood, CA

Pepsi partners with Randy's Donuts to offer the new, limited-edition Pepsi ColaCream Donut exclusively at Randy's Donuts original Inglewood, CA location (known for the giant donut-shaped sign on its rooftop) for a limited time through February 20, 2022.

The Pepsi ColaCream Donut features a filled donut with Pepsi-Cola-flavored Bavarian cream and Pop Rocks popping candy for fizz, decorated on top with the Pepsi globe in icing.

You can buy the limited-time donut as part of the Pepsi ColaCream Combo Box, which includes a 20-oz Pepsi beverage, for $5.

The collaboration includes a Pepsi takeover of the original Randy's Donut location (which is conveniently located near the airport) and a sweepstakes that can be entered using a QR code on specially-marked Pepsi ColaCream Combo Boxes with limited-edition Pepsi x Randy's Donuts merch, Randy's Donuts gift cards, a year's worth of Pepsi, and custom-made Pepsi x Randy's Donuts sneakers designed by artist Chad Carothers up for grabs.

Photo via Pepsi.

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