Jan 22, 2022

Ferrero Reveals 2022 Valentine's Day Line-up

Ferrero reveals their line-up of chocolate and candy for the 2022 Valentine's Day season.

Here's what you can find from the company now leading up to the romantic holiday:

- Ferrero Rocher Tin Heart - A heart-shaped tin with three pieces of Ferrero Rocher.

- Grand Ferrero Rocher Dark Valentine's Day Edition - A hollow dark chocolate and hazelnut shell with Ferrero Rocher Dark inside.

- Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature Valentine's Day Boxes (12 and 24 count) - An assortment of chocolates featuring cocoa ganache, crispy amaretto nubs, and sea salt caramel. 

- Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature Heart Box - A 28-piece assortment of six different chocolates.

- Kinder Chocolate Love Gift Box - A Valentine's Day-themed gift box filled with 25 pieces of individually-wrapped, heart-shaped Kinder chocolate featuring milk chocolate with a creamy milk filling.

- Kinder Joy Valentine's Day Box - The box comes filled with six Kinder Joy Valentine's Eggs featuring special messages. Each Kinder Joy egg includes two layers of milky sweet creams topped with two crispy wafer bites filled with cocoa cream, and a surprise toy inside.

- Kinder Bueno Mini Valentine's Edition - Individually-wrapped, bite-size pieces of Kinder Bueno chocolate bar in Valentine's Day-themed packaging.

- Fannie May Milk Chocolate Pixies Red Heart Box - A heart-shaped box filled with Milk Chocolate Pixies, which are a filling of buttery caramel and crunchy pecans covered in milk chocolate.

- Fannie May Colonial Assortment Red Fabric Heart Box - A heart-shaped box filled with a selection of American-inspired flavors ranging from the Pixies and Trinidads to buttercreams, toffees, and chocolate covered fruits.

- Tic Tac Big Berry Adventure Valentine's Day Pack - A Valentine's Day-themed container filled with raspberry- and blueberry-flavored Tic Tacs.

- Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, and Crunch Heart Boxes - Individual heart-shaped boxes filled with mini chocolates of their respective brands.

- Butterfinger Hearts Laydown Bag - A bag filled with heart-shaped Butterfinger candies wrapped in decorative Valentine's Day-themed foil.

You can find Ferrero's Valentine's Day products both in stores and online now.

Photo via Ferrero.

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