Jan 30, 2022

Domino's Serves Up Pizza Topped with Lucky Pouch Dumplings for Lunar New Year in South Korea

Domino's celebrates the Lunar New Year in South Korea by serving up the Happy New Year Dumplings pizza, which comes topped with lucky pouch dumplings (that is, dumplings that resemble bokjumeoni, which are pouches meant to bring good fortune and were traditionally popular to give at the beginning of the Lunar New Year).

Domino's Happy New Year Dumplings features a thin crust pizza ringed around its outer edge with lucky pouch dumplings sitting on a disc of potato. The pizza also comes topped with fromage blanc cream cheese mousse, blended cheese fondue sauce, tomato sauce, mozzarella, a ring of mayo, corn, mushrooms, white onions, green bell peppers, bacon, bulgogi, pork, cheddar, pepperoni, and oregano.

The Happy New Year Dumplings pizza is available through February 3, 2022 (it's been available since mid-January) with prices starting at 20000 won (~$16.59 US) for a medium pizza up to 26,900 won (~$22.32 US) for a large pizza.

Additionally, the Happy New Year Dumplings pizza comes in a special Lunar New Year box:

Photos via Domino's South Korea.

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