Jan 12, 2022

Review: Jack in the Box - Spicy Cluck Sandwich

Jack in the Box's Spicy Cluck Sandwich features a crispy-fried spicy chicken filet, Jack's Good Good Sauce, and pickle chips on a toasted brioche bun.

I went and bought one for $5.79.

Since first introducing the Cluck Sandwich back in 2020, Jack in the Box has upped the size of the filet somewhat and made it a little crispier. This bears out in the spicy version of the filet as well as the non-spicy version. My particular filet was notably thick with a generous width and length for bun coverage. It was moist rather than juicy inside and covered by a moderately thick crust with a fairly even, sponge-like structure to it.

The spicy heat of the filet offered a decent kick that lingered a bit. It wasn't as spicy as their Spicy Chicken Strips but was good for a low burn. Beyond the heat, the filet was lightly seasoned without any particular spice sticking out.

The Good Good Sauce is the same as you'd find on the regular Cluck Sandwich and added a nice mix of creamy richness with savory, sweet, and tangy accents to the general heat of the chicken filet.

The pickle chips were bigger and crinkle-cut but still sported the overly sour and salty notes of your typical fast food pickles as well as a soggy limpness.

The brioche bun was soft but resilient with a little more flavor and richness than a plain bun.

Overall, Jack in the Box's Spicy Cluck Sandwich turned out pretty well but ends up middle-of-the-pack as far as the recent deluge of new fast food fried chicken sandwiches go as it doesn't quite reach the flavor, freshness, and generous portions of Popeyes' or Burger King's versions. Still, it's a solid effort and is one of the few fast food chicken sandwiches that offers a spicy filet (most just go with a spicy sauce or seasoning).

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