Jan 28, 2022

New Hormel Chili Cheese Keg Up for Grabs in Sweepstakes Through February 6, 2022

Hormel has come up with a new, fully functioning half-barrel keg full of chili cheese dip that they're calling the "Hormel Chili Cheese Keg" but won't be putting it up for sale. Instead, they'll be giving it away through the "Tap into Greatness" sweepstakes, which runs through February 6, 2022 so that the lucky winner can get it in time for this year's Super Bowl.

Key features of the Hormel Chili Cheese Keg includes "proprietary adjustable internal heating element, a tap handle in the shape of the iconic Hormel Chili can, and a chili-cheese pump that ensures optimal pouring." The keg can hold up to 15 gallons, which amounts to almost 300 four-ounce servings of Hormel Chili Cheese and will be delivered to the winner's home on February 13, 2022.

You can find further details and sign up for a chance to win the Hormel Chili Cheese Keg at

Photo via Hormel.

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