Jan 26, 2022

Del Taco Blends New Mint and Mint M&M Shakes

Ahead of St. Patrick's Day, Del Taco blends new Mini Mint and Mini Mint M&M's Shakes for a limited time.

Del Taco's Mini Mint Shake sees them blend their vanilla shake base with mint-flavored syrup, while the Mini Mint M&M's Shake adds M&M's candies to the mix.

While they're promoted as "Mini Mint Shakes," you can also get the shakes in medium and large sizes.

Prices vary with location but a mini Mint Shake is $1.59 ($3.99 for a medium and $4.49 for a large) near me, while a mini Mint M&M's Shake is $2.29 ($4.19 for a medium and $4.99 for a large).

Photo via Del Taco.

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