Feb 16, 2022

A Look at Little Caesars' The Batman Calzony

Little Caesars The Batman Calzony is basically a half-folded Crazy Calzony to give it a shape that is somewhat similar to Batman's bat signal. It comes with two calzone crust points instead of four. Each calzone corner comes brushed with buttery garlic sauce, sprinkled with parmesan cheese, and filled with garlic white sauce, cheese, and julienne pepperoni. The unfolded portions of The Batman Calzony, which make the wings and center of the "bat," come topped with pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.

I got one for $7.99 and it came with a cup of Crazy Sauce for dipping.

Unsurprisingly, The Batman Calzony mostly tasted like the Crazy Calzony (you can find the review of that here) but I made note of a few things:

The fold of the calzone at the tip actually forms two "bat ears" due to the way its left open but it's bat ears on both ends.

I ended up cutting a triangle of the crust out so that the bat ears were slightly more discernible.

Each calzone felt a bit smaller than with the Crazy Calzony and seemed to contain less pepperoni. It's probably a difference in execution but it made the fairly large cup of Crazy Sauce feel a bit pointless. I did get more pizza as a result but it that's what I wanted, I would have just bought a pizza...

The Batman Calzony left less of a greasy mess in the box but it also didn't have any parmesan cheese on the pepperoni pizza portion.

Overall, The Batman Calzony isn't a bad novelty but Little Caesars should really just go ahead and put out a whole calzone rather than a calzone-pizza-in-one-thinga-ma-jigger.

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