Feb 11, 2022

Pizza Hut Bakes New Olympic Curling-Inspired Pizza in Japan

In honor of the 2022 Winter Olympics, Pizza Hut serves up the Curling Gratin Pizza over in Japan. That's curling as in the Olympic sport--the pizza is meant to resemble a curling target (which is called a "house" apparently).

The Curling Gratin Pizza comes topped with penne in white sauce, gouda and mozzarella cheese, a ring of basil sauce, and a dotted circle of blue crab lobster sauce.

The Curling Gratin Pizza can be ordered by itself or as part of the Winter Sports Viewing Pack, which includes the limited-time pizza and an order of Honey Cheese Balls, which you can slide (or toss) toward the pizza target.

Pizza Hut Japan's Curling Gratin Pizza is available for a limited time through February 20, 2022.

Photo via Pizza Hut Japan.

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