Feb 9, 2022

Little Caesars Welcomes New Cookie Dough Brownie with Twix Pieces

Little Caesars welcomes new Cookie Dough Brownie mixed with Twix candy bar pieces nationwide as their second Cookie Dough Brownie flavor. The flavor was previously available in select locations.

The new Cookie Dough Brownie with Twix features a brownie topped with a fairly thick layer of cookie dough frosting and Twix pieces.

The official name of the new dessert is "Cookie Dough Brownie made with Twix Cookie Bar Pieces" and it comes pre-packaged with four squares per package.

Prices may vary but an order costs $3.89 in my area.

The pizza chain first introduced Cookie Dough Brownies with M&M's Minis last year and continues to offer them today.

Photo via Little Caesars.

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