Feb 6, 2022

Domino's Japan Serves Up New Heart-Shaped Pizza with Heart-Shaped Pepperoni

Domino's Japan regularly offers a heart-shaped pizza around Valentine's Day but this year, they've introduced the new Love'roni Pizza, which is a heart-shaped pizza topped with heart-shaped pepperoni slices.

Beyond the heart-shaped crust and heart-shaped pepperoni slices, the Love'roni comes with your standard sauce and cheese. Like other heart-shaped pizzas, it comes to you uncut so that it doesn't break into pieces in transition.

Prices for the Love'roni Pizza starts at 1900 yen ($16.51 US) for a small delivered (they're currently offering a half-price carryout deal on any pizza so it's about $8.25 if you pick it up). Domino's Love'roni Pizza is available through February 20, 2022.

For dessert, Domino's is once again offering a heart-shaped lava cake called the "Lovin' Fondant Chocolat" for Valentine's Day.

Photo via Domino's Japan.

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