Feb 14, 2022

McDonald's Serves Up New Nachos in Spain

McDonald's serves up new Nachos in Spain as part of a limited-time Tex-Mex menu.

McDonald's Nachos are your basic nachos with tortilla chips topped with nacho cheese sauce. It's joined by McShaker Fries and the new Grand McExtreme Nachos burger.

McShaker Fries feature McDonald's signature fries served with a packet of cheese seasoning and a bag so you can combine and shake them to distribute the seasoning.

The new Grand McExtreme Nachos burger features a grilled beef patty, cheese, tomato, tortilla chips, nacho cheese sauce, and onions on a toasted bun.

On a side note, McDonald's Spain offers an expansive selection of sides (especially when they really only offer two sides in the US--fries and apple slices). McDonald's current sides in Spain include:

- Nachos with Cheese Sauce
- McShaker Fries
- McShaker Fries Deluxe (i.e. potato wedges)
- Topped Fries with Camembert & Bacon
- Topped Fries Deluxe with Camembert & Bacon
- Fries
- Deluxe Potatoes (potato wedges)
- A bucket of onion rings and Gouda Cheese Bites
- Gouda Cheese Bites
- Cherry tomatoes
- Gazpacho (as a drink in a bottle)
- Garden Salad

Photo via McDonald's Spain.

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