Mar 15, 2022

Jack in the Box Introduces New $15 Munchie Madness Box

Jack in the Box introduces the new, limited-time Munchie Madness Box for $15 as a shareable snack tray geared towards March Madness college basketball watching.

Jack in the Box's Munchie Madness Box includes "tons" of Tiny Tacos, two large orders of seasoned curly fries, and six dipping sauces of your choice. While they don't specify, "tons" of Tiny Taco looks to be 30 Tiny Tacos (judging by the picture).

As with previous similar offerings, you don't end up saving much (if anything) on the Munchie Madness Box. In my area, an order of 15 Tiny Tacos comes out to $3.50, while a large order of curly fries is $3.59. That come outs to a grand total of $14.18 to purchase the same items of the Munchie Madness Box separately.

Photo via Jack in the Box.

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