Mar 20, 2022

Burger King Serves Up Completely Meat-Free Menu at Flagship UK Restaurant Through April 10, 2022

Burger King commemorates the re-opening of their Leicester Square flagship UK restaurant in London by offering their first-ever, completely meat-free menu at the location for a limited time through April 10, 2022.

The plant-based menu is quite extensive and includes:

- Plant-based Whopper
- Vegan Royale
- New Bakon Double Cheeeze XL (a plant-based version of the chain's Bacon Double XL--similar to a Bacon King in the US)
- Vegan Cheeeze & Bakon Royale (a plant-based version of the Chicken Royale Bacon & Cheese--a Chicken Royale is basically an Original Chicken Sandwich in the US)
- Vegan Nugget Burger
- Double Cheeezeburger
- Cheeeze & Bakon Whopper
- Vegan Chilli Cheeeze Bites
- Plant-based Katsu Chilli Whopper (with Pickled Slaw)
- Vegan Katsu Chicken Royale

Burger King UK (and fast food restaurants in the UK in general) offers a bit more plant-based and vegan options versus here in the US. Their regular menu plant-based items include the Plant-Based Whopper, Vegan Royale, and Vegan Nuggets.

Photo via Burger King UK.

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