Mar 31, 2022

KFC Spain Takes Advantage of Dust Storm to Advertise

KFC Spain took advantage of a giant Saharan dust storm that blanketed several Western European countries, including Spain, about two weeks ago to encourage fans to advertise the KFC brand.

The dust storm brought with it an orange sky and a layer of dirt over all the cars parked outside so KFC Spain encouraged fans via Twitter to "draw the KFC logo with their hand on their "breaded" cars to get two free Original Recipe chicken strips in any of the 76 KFC Auto in its restaurants throughout the country." KFC Auto refers to the drive-thru. Basically, you just had to drive up to any KFC Auto with your "breaded" car and the letters "KFC" marked into the dirt on it to get two chicken strips with "real breading."

Besides driving a lot (9.5 million impression in the first 48 hours) of views, over 1,000 Spanish residents took advantage of the freebie.

Photo via KFC Spain.

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