Mar 26, 2022

New M&M’s Munchums Arrive

New M&M's Munchums offer up an interesting twist to your standard M&M's candies. Instead of a candy shell, the new variety comes with a new "crunchy baked shell."

Specifically, new M&M's Munchums (ed. note - Shouldn't it be "Munch-M's"?) include a crispy center covered in milk chocolate, which is then in turn covered with a crunchy baked outer shell. They come in two varieties: Milk Chocolate and Salted Caramel.

The idea seems to be to offer a sweet and savory snack that contains 40 percent less sugar than the brand's signature M&M’S Milk Chocolate Candies.

M&M's Munchums are certified gluten-free as the baked shell looks to be made mostly of chickpea flour and some potato starch.

M&M's Munchums can be found in 4.94-z resealable bags for purchase on the M&M's online store with prices starting at $4.49. They're also slated for roll out to Walmart and Wegman's stores in the near future.

Photo via M&M's.

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