Mar 15, 2022

Torani Releases New Bergamot Syrup

Torani releases new Puremade Bergamot Syrup as a way to add an Earl Grey-like flavor to any beverage.

The new syrup is described by Torani as having "a bold, citrus-forward flavor that combines the taste of sweet citrus and bitter zest with a floral finish and full aromatic bouquet." Bergamot is a citrus fruit that is best known for giving Earl Grey tea its distinctive flavor. According to Torani, the flavor "pairs well with indulgent and creamy flavors, such as French vanilla or white chocolate."

Bergamot Syrup is the latest addition to Torani's Puremade syrup line, which is made with "cane sugar, all natural flavors, color from only natural sources, no preservatives, and no GMOs."

Torani Puremade Bergamot Syrup comes in a 750mL bottle for a suggested price of $9.59 and can be purchased from and at World Market locations across the country.

Photo via Torani.

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