Mar 31, 2022

Qdoba Puts Together New Cheese-Crusted Quesadilla

Qdoba welcomes the new Cheese-Crusted Quesadilla as the newest dish on their menu.

As you may have guessed from the name, Qdoba's Cheese-Crusted Quesadilla adds a "golden, cheesy crust" to the outside of their quesadillas so that there's both cheese inside and outside the tortilla.

As with the chain's regular quesadilla and other entrees, you can customize the Cheese-Crusted Quesadilla as you like. Qdoba also adds a Signature Eat recipe for the new menu item called the "Smoky Chicken Cheese-Crusted Quesadilla." It includes a cheese-crusted tortilla filled with flame-grilled adobo chicken, smoky chile crema, 3-cheese queso, pico de gallo, and shredded cheese.

Prices may vary but the Cheese-Crusted Quesadillas costs 75 cents more than the regular Quesadilla here in Los Angeles.

You can find the new Cheese-Crusted Quesadilla now at participating locations across the US and Canada.

Photo via Qdoba.

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