Aug 6, 2022

Shake Shack Serves Up New Heritage 370 Burger in South Korea

Shake Shack serves up the new Heritage 370 burger in South Korea to mark their 6th anniversary in the country.

The Heritage 370 burger is so-named as it features pickled radish tossed in a perilla soy sauce aioli that includes a special soy sauce made with a 370-year-old recipe. The new burger also includes an Angus beef patty, pickled celtuce, white cheddar cheese, an egg patty, lettuce, and pickled beets.

Shake Shack also introduces the new Hadong Chacha Shake to celebrate the anniversary. It's a shake made with vanilla custard, Hadong green tea, tropical fruits, and kombucha.

Photo via Shake Shack South Korea.

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