Nov 17, 2022

Doritos Introduces New Doritos Dips

Doritos looks to capture some of their signature chip flavors in dip form with the introduction of new Doritos Dips.

At launch, Doritos Dips come in two flavors: Spicy Nacho and Cool Ranch Jalapeno.

Doritos Dip Spicy Nacho features Doritos' classic Nacho Cheese flavor with extra heat, while Doritos Dip Cool Ranch Jalapeno offers a creamy ranch dip with a bit of jalapeno spice.

According to Doritos, the new dips go well with "all kinds of foods--from pizza to pretzels, veggies and more."

You can find new Doritos Dips in stores nationwide as well as at the Frito-Lay online store starting this month.

Photo via Doritos.

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