Nov 28, 2022

Gingerbread Cookie Kit Kats Back at Hershey's Online Store for 2022 Holiday Season

Gingerbread Cookie Kit Kat Miniatures Candy Bars are back at the Hershey's online store for a limited time this holiday season.

Gingerbread Cookie Kit Kats feature crispy wafers covered with a gingerbread-flavored creme. They were first introduced as a seasonal item last year but do not appear to be selling in stores this year (12/1/2022 - scratch that, they're available at Walmart now).

The holiday-themed Kit Kats will cost you $6.99 per 8.4-oz bag (the price is a bit more than last year's suggested price of $3.49 in stores but probably goes to cover "free cool ship," which refers to any extra shipping costs for insulated packaging and cold packs "when necessary" and not the actual cost of delivery). They Hershey's online store is currently offering a discount where you buy any five bags of candy for $27.95.

The Hershey's store is also currently offering a 50 percent discount on Halloween candy (generally $3.49 per bag) and free delivery on orders over $75.

Photo via Hershey's.

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