Nov 29, 2022

KFC Tests Funnel Cake Fries in Several Areas

KFC tests new Funnel Cake Fries at 77 select restaurants in the Kansas City, St. Louis, Omaha, northwestern Arkansas, and southeastern Oklahoma areas for a limited time.

KFC's Funnel Cake Fries are described as having "a warm, fluffy interior and crispy outside crunch, perfectly dusted in powdered sugar."

The test marks an expansion of an earlier test this fall in just the Kansas City area.

KFC's Funnel Cake Fries come in three sizes: Small for $1.99, Large for $2.99, and Family Size for $5.99.

You can find a list of participating test locations online here.

This isn't the first time that KFC has tried adding Funnel Cake Fries as a dessert/snack option on the menu. They also tested a similar product called "Funnel Fries" in the Baltimore area back in 2014.

Photo via KFC.