Nov 9, 2022

Pepperidge Farm's 2022 Holiday Cookie Selection Includes New Hazelnut Hot Cocoa Milanos and More

Pepperidge Farm's 2022 holiday cookie line-up arrives for a limited time for the season and includes new Hazelnut Hot Cocoa Milano Cookies as well as a number of returning holiday products.

Hazelnut Hot Cocoa Milanos feature a duo layer of milk chocolate and hazelnut-flavored filling between two crispy Milano cookies.

Also here for the 2022 holiday season are:

- Snowball Citrus Cookies - Light and crispy citrus-flavored cookies dusted with powder sugar.

- Linzer Raspberry Cookies - Two shortbread cookies with snowflake cutouts sandwiching a layer of raspberry filling.

- Amaretto Hot Cocoa Milano Cookies - A dual layer of milk chocolate and almond-flavored filling between two crispy Milano cookies.

- Peppermint Milano Slices - Single crispy Milano cookies topped with a layer of dark chocolate and bits of peppermint candy.

- Holiday Edition Chessman Butter Cookies and Chessman Minis Butter Cookies -These come in Christmas-themed packaging and are embossed with festive graphics for the holiday season.

- Holiday Edition Gingerman Cookies - These are the same as regular Gingerman Cookies but come dusted with red sprinkles instead of sugar crystals. They also come in festive packaging.

Prices vary but you can find Pepperidge Farms 2022 holiday cookies for around $4.

Photo via Pepperidge Farms.

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