Nov 8, 2022

New Frozen Arby's Crinkle Fries, Arby's Sauce, and Horsey Sauce Arrive at Select Grocery Stores

New frozen Arby's Crinkle Fries as well as bottled Arby's Sauce and Horsey Sauce arrive at select grocery stores.

Arby's Crinkle Fries are crinkle-cut fries that were introduced by the fast food chain last year. The frozen version joins Arby's Seasoned Curly Fries in the freezer aisle at select grocery retailers.

Arby's Sauce is a thin, barbecue-type sauce, while Horsey Sauce is a creamy horseradish sauce. They were previously sold in bottles at Arby's restaurants for a limited-time run. This latest edition appears to come in bigger, differently-shaped bottles.

You can find Arby's Crinkle Fries, Arby's Sauce, and Horsey Sauce now at Walmart, Kroger, and Albertsons.

Photo via Arby's.

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