Nov 9, 2022

Frank's RedHot Introduces New Injector Marinade Ahead of Thanksgiving

Ahead of Thanksgiving 2022, Frank's RedHot introduces new Frank's RedHot Injector Marinade, which is so-named because each jar of marinade comes with an injector to infuse your turkey (or any other dish) with that spicy Frank's RedHot flavor. The sauce is meant to add flavor and tenderize to make meat "juicy with a slight kick."

According to Frank's RedHot, their new Injector Marinade is "crafted from the brand's original cayenne pepper sauce, the hot sauce used to create the original Buffalo wings in 1964." To use the injector, you just put it together, pull the marinade up the needle using the plunger, insert it into the dish of your liking, and push the plunger to inject.

You can find Frank's RedHot Injector Marinade now online in a 16-oz jar for $7.99 as well as in select stores.

Photo via Frank's RedHot.

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