Nov 11, 2022

Popeyes Launches New Blackened Chicken Sandwich

Popeyes introduces a new breading-less variant of the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich with the launch of the new Blackened Chicken Sandwich, which takes its cues from Popeyes Blackened Tenders.

Popeyes new Blackened Chicken Sandwich features a "new juicy filet" marinated in blackened seasoning and then fried without being breaded. The blackened chicken filet is then served with pickles and mayo on a toasted brioche bun.

A Spicy version is also available that comes with spicy mayo instead of regular mayo (it should be noted that Popeyes blackened seasoning is already spicy).

The Blackened Chicken Sandwich can be found at Popeyes now for a limited time. Prices vary but it goes for $4.99 in my area.

Photo via Popeyes.

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