Mar 7, 2023

Caribou Coffee Adds New Espresso Shakers with Oat Milk

Caribou Coffee adds new Espresso Shakes with Oat Milk at locations nationwide.

Caribou's Espresso Shakers with Oat Milk come in three flavors: caramel, vanilla, and white chocolate.

The drinks take caramel, vanilla, or white chocolate and adds it to espresso before shaking everything together and serving it over ice, topped with cold oat milk.

In addition to the new drink launch, Caribou introduces a limited-time promotion where you can customize any drink with oat milk or almond milk for no extra charge.

On the food side of things, Caribou welcomes the new Strawberry Shortcake Pop to their cake pop selection. The new dessert features a ball of strawberry shortcake dipped in pink-colored white chocolate and white pearls.

Photo via Caribou Coffee.

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