Aug 13, 2015

Nissin Introduces Ramen-Flavored Soft Serve

Nissin now offers new ramen-flavored soft serve ice cream in mini Cup Noodle foam containers at the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama, Japan.

The new soft serve is available in two flavors: soy sauce ramen and curry ramen. Besides the strange flavors, the soft serve comes complete with savory, freeze-dried toppings just like you'd find in an actual package of Cup Noodles.

The soy sauce ramen flavor (pictured left) comes topped with beef (of the spongy cubed variety), shrimp, green onions, and egg, while the curry flavor (pictured right) comes with beef, onion, carrot, and potato.

The ice cream is being offered at 300 yen (~$2.41 US) but you do need to pay for admission to the museum as well (which is 500 yen for adults).

The founder of Nissin, Momofuku Ando, invented instant noodles. Some of you might remember when their Cup Noodles used to be called "Cup O' Noodles" here in the U.S.

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