May 4, 2023

Salt & Straw Welcomes Flower-Themed Ice Cream Flavors

Salt & Straw welcomes flower-themed ice cream flavors this May with the release of their limited-time Eat Your Flowers Series.

Salt & Straw Eat Your Flowers Series includes:

Jasmine Milk Tea Almond Stracciatella - Jasmine tea-infused ice cream with chocolate-coated almond slivers and chocolate stracciatella.

Pistachio w/ Saffron & Rose Water - Pistachio ice cream with saffron butter mochi cake chunks and a hint of rosewater.

Rhubarb Crumble w/ Toasted Anise - Rhubarb jam vanilla ice cream with pie-topping crumble and toasted anise.

Lemon Mari Gold Amaro Sherbet - Mari Gold amaro sherbet with a ribbon of lemon and marshmallow essence.

Hibiscus & Coconut Sherbet (vegan) - Hibiscus coconut cream sorbet flavored with cinnamon and ginger.

You can find them by the scoop and pints at Salt & Straw scoop shops and by the pint from their online store.

Photo via Salt & Straw.

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