Sep 12, 2023

KFC Launches New Hot & Spicy Wings

A box of KFC Hot & Spicy Wings.
With the 2023 football season here, KFC launches new KFC Hot & Spicy Wings as a limited-time menu item this fall.

KFC's new Hot & Spicy Wings can be considered a spiritual successor to the Kentucky Fried Wings that were discontinued early this year. They feature spicy marinated wing segments that are double hand-breaded in KFC's Extra Crispy breading.

The suggested price tag on the new Hot & Spicy Wings comes out to eight wings for $4.99, which seems a shot at rival Popeyes' current Ghost Pepper Wings and new Sweet 'N Spicy Wings, which are priced at six wings for $5.99.

According to KFC, their Hot & Spicy flavor is a "fan favorite on menus across the globe from Europe and Asia to Australia, South Africa, and  Latin America."

To promote the new wings, KFC is offering free delivery on orders placed through their website or mobile app on Thursdays for a limited time.

Photo via KFC.

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