Sep 25, 2023

New Confetti Pretzel Nuggets Arrive at Auntie Anne's

Auntie Anne's Confetti Pretzel Nuggets.
Auntie Anne's gets into the celebratory mood with the introduction of new Confetti Pretzel Nuggets.

Available for a limited time, Auntie Anne's Confetti Pretzel Nuggets take the soft pretzel chain's Original Pretzel Nuggets and bakes them with a warm butter cookie crumble and rainbow sprinkles. They're also dusted with sugar.

You can find the new Confetti Pretzel Nuggets now for a limited time at participating Auntie Anne's locations nationwide.

Prices vary but a 21-oz cup costs $8.49 (versus $8.79 for the same cup of regular Pretzel Nuggets) at the nearest Auntie Anne's here in the Los Angeles area, while a bucket of 90 to 100 nuggets is $27.99.

Photo via Auntie Anne's.

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