Sep 22, 2023

Nathan's Famous Serves Up New New York Chopped Cheese Hero

Nathan's Famous New York Chopped Cheese Hero.
Nathan's Famous serves up their own take on New York's signature chopped cheese sandwich with the arrival of the new New York Chopped Cheese Hero at participating locations.

Nathan's Famous New York Chopped Cheese Hero features a half-pound of Black Angus beef, American cheese, creamy burger sauce, lettuce, and tomato, served on an artisan baguette.

They don't have any Nathan's Famous restaurants here in California but one location in New York sells the New York Chopped Cheese Hero for $10.99.

A chopped cheese sandwich is generally associated with New York city bodegas and, at its very basic, takes cheeseburger ingredients and serves them on a roll. The burger patties, cheese, and onions are grilled, seasoned, and chopped up together. It's rather fitting then that a chain that bills itself as offering "The Flavor of New York" has added it to the menu (although Nathan's Famous is best known for their hot dogs).

Photo via Nathan's Famous.

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