Sep 8, 2023

Review: Little Caesars - 4 Quarter Calzony

Little Caesars 4 Quarter Calzony top-down view with quarter for size comparison.

Little Caesars' 4 Quarter Calzony is a pizza-calzone hybrid that features a center portion of pizza that's topped with four meats: pepperoni, bacon, ham, and Italian sausage. Surrounding the center is a calzone-like crust is brushed with garlic-parmesan buttery spread and comes filled with one of the four meats (a different one per corner) and mozzarella. Crazy Sauce comes on the side for dipping.

The 4 Quarter Calzony costs $8.99 but I received this courtesy of Little Caesars.

The Calzony is one of those pizzas where you have to be careful where you set it down, especially in your car, as the buttery spread and oil from the cheese can sometimes seep through the cardboard pizza box.

Little Caesars 4 Quarter Calzony 3/4 view.

Little Caesars' limited-time specials and signature pizzas tend to be topped with pepperoni so it's nice to get a taste of their other meat offerings without having to pay a good amount more for it. Happily, there was a good amount of toppings to go around.

Little Caesars 4 Quarter Calzony corner with ham.

The bacon and ham offered a similar smoky flavor but the bacon tilted a bit smoky and notably more salty, while the ham had more of a meaty chew to it.

The Italian sausage delivered a springy bite, a fine grind, and a fennel-inflected pork flavor. The pieces were a good size and browned quite nicely in the center for some extra flavor.

Little Caesars 4 Quarter Calzony corner topped/filled with sausage.

The most familiar topping, the pepperoni, was good for mildly peppery and smoky notes but didn't crisp much.

It's actually at the tips/corners of the Calzony that you get the best flavor of the four meats as they blend together a fair amount in the center "pizza" portion.

Little Caesars 4 Quarter Calzony cross-section.

Each slice of the 4-Quarter Calzony can be broken down into three sections: the pizza portion, a breadstick-like portion in the middle, and the calzone portion at the end. 

The pizza portion, which amounted to two or three small bites or one big bite, is the only part with pizza sauce for that sweet and tangy flavor. There was more mozzarella on the pizza portion than you typically get one Little Caesars regular round pizzas.

Little Caesars 4 Quarter Calzony crust bottom.

The breadstick-like middle was thick, pillowy, and chewy. It's similar to Little Caesars' Crazy Bread but wasn't left to steam inside of a bag the way Crazy Bread is, which is to say it was not as greasy at the surface and offered a bit of crisping here and there. Some thin layers of cheese and toppings crept in here and there and added some extra nuance to the breadstick to go with the garlicky, buttery, parmesan flavors spread on top. The middle portion was also best for dipping in Crazy Sauce as the thickness served as a buffer against the sauce's strong flavors.

The calzone portion offered a more subdued Crazy Bread feeling but was enhanced with lots of creamy cheese and salty meats. It's not bad for dipping but you risk covering up the various meat flavors.

Little Caesars 4 Quarter Calzony dipped in Crazy Sauce.

When it comes down to it, Little Caesars 4 Quarter Calzony is a bit gimmicky but it doesn't suffer for the it. There's plenty of meat, flavor, and cheese to go with varying amounts of puffy, slightly chewy bread. If it lacks something, it doesn't offer much in the way of crispiness.

Nutritional Info - Little Caesars 4-Quarter Calzony (whole pizza)
Calories - 2540 (from Fat - 1060)
Fat - 120g (Saturated Fat - 47g)
Sodium - 6380mg
Carbs - 245g (Sugar - 16g)
Protein - 122g

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