Sep 15, 2023

New Lunchables Grilled Cheesies Promise Crispy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches from the Microwave

A box of Original Lunchables Grilled Cheesies.
Kraft Heinz's new Lunchables Grilled Cheesies arrive in stores and promise grilled cheese sandwiches with a "pan-like crisp" after 60 seconds in the microwave.

According to Kraft Heinz, the new, frozen Lunchables product leverages the company's new 360CRISP platform, which is meant to deliver "crispy, crunchy products like you get on the stove" out of the microwave. Lunchables Grilled Cheesies are the first product to showcase 360CRISP. Kraft Heinz plans to introduce five new products over four brands by the end of 2024.

Looking at the packaging, Lunchables Grilled Cheesies appears to cook in a specialized box lined with microwave crisping material with rather distinctively-shaped vents on each side. The concept being that the sandwich should brown on each side during cooking/heating with the vents being there to minimalize steaming from moisture escaping the sandwich.

At launch, Lunchables Grilled Cheesies grilled cheese sandwiches come in two varieties: Original and Pepperoni Pizza.

Original features Kraft Singles American cheese on white bread, while Pepperoni Pizza features Kraft Singles American cheese, marinara sauce, and pepperoni on white bread.

Lunchables Grilled Cheesies are currently rolling out to select grocery retailers across the US and come in a box of two sandwiches for a suggested price of $4.99.

Photo via Lunchables.

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