Sep 15, 2023

"What The Fanta" Mystery Soda Arrives for Halloween 2023

2023 Fanta Mystery Soda.
Fanta's mystery flavor, What The Fanta, arrives for the 2023 Halloween season. The arrival marks the second time that the soda brand has offered What The Fanta.

The new flavor is a mystery, zero-sugar soda that sports a black color that will temporarily turn your tongue black to match the Halloween theme as well as, potentially, your Halloween costume.

You can find 2023 Halloween-themed What The Fanta at retailers across the US in 20-oz bottles and 6-packs of 7.5-oz mini cans. Also, both regular and zero-sugar versions can be found in Coca-Cola Freestyle machines as well as frozen drink dispensers at select locations. Over in Canada, you can find the flavor at retailers in 500-mL bottles and 12-packs of 355-mL cans. As in the US, you can also find both regular and zero-sugar versions in Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.

Beyond just trying the new, mystery soda and taking a guess, you can also get clues to solve the mystery through the Clue Collector online game and through social media challenges found on Fanta's various social media accounts.

What The Fanta was first introduced in summer 2022. The mystery flavor then was orange cream.

Photo via Fanta.

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