Sep 18, 2023

New Coca-Cola Flavor Created with AI with a Taste Inspired by the Future

A can of Coca-Cola Y3000.
New Coca‑Cola Y3000 is a new limited-edition soda that was created by a combination of "human and artificial intelligence" and seeks to "explore the concept of what a Coke from the future might taste like."

You can find regular "future flavored" Coca‑Cola Y3000 for a limited time now at grocery retailers in the US and Canada. The zero-sugar version can be found in the US, Canada, China, Europe, and Africa.

The new flavor is the latest in the Coca-Cola Creations line, which has a seem a number of limited-edition flavors inspired by various concepts. Previous flavors have included Coca‑Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar, Coca‑Cola Move, Coca‑Cola Starlight, Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar Byte, Marshmello’s Limited Edition Coca‑Cola, Coca‑Cola Dreamworld, and Coca‑Cola Soul Blast.   

Photo via Coca-Cola.

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