Dec 31, 2010

News: Doritos - Taco Flavor Back for a Limited Time

A "throwback" flavor of the Doritos of old, responding to feedback from customers, Frito Lay has brought back the original Doritos Taco for a limited time only (Not to be confused with their regular "Tacos at Midnight" flavor).

The limited edition flavor (which is almost as old as Doritos itself) comes in a retro Doritos bag and will only be available through the Super Bowl (Sunday, February 6th) so if you're a fan, you better get it while it's hot!

It's not available everywhere but you can check with Frito Lay's Snack Locator before you make a trip. They should make an app so that road trippers can locate just the snack they want no matter where ever they are.

Update: Rejoice Taco Flavor fans! Due to popular demand, Doritos Taco Flavor is back permanently (not all stores will have them though so be sure to check first).

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  1. Mmmm I'll always remember these

  2. Are these anything like the taste they had back in the 90's? Or 80's?

  3. I believe it's the same exact flavor.

  4. Abercrombie4me03Sunday, January 22, 2012

    Fritos texas grill honey bbq was the ticket.. I have missed those.. the twist honey bbq just aren't the same.

  5. I don't think I ever tried the Texas Grill honey BBQ. I like the Twist Honey BBQ though.

  6. This isn't "almost" as old as Doritos -- believe it or not, it was their very FIRST flavor... in all its salty, corny, spicy goodness!

  7. No, it wasn't. The first Doritos flavor, introduced in 1964, was Toasted Corn. Taco flavor was first marketed three years later in 1967. Nacho Cheese came along in 1972. 

  8. So I don't usually eat doritos...but then I heard you were bringing back the Taco Flavor.  I haven't put them down and I have al my friends hooked!!!  It's the chip of the summer.  Love the way the bag looks too!!!!  Keep them year round!

  9. Finally, my life is complete. I just polished off a whole bag. Real MSG, you must be kidding!!!! Real brain food. I grew up on these, and when the nacho cheese flavor took over, I just couldn't hang. Interesting, the bags that expire in July show chips caked with seasoning,and the newer bags not so much. Part of the game, I guess. I can finally give some to my teenage daughter, who  also prefers Pepsi Throwback. Why only temporary???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  10. its about time ! would like to say thanks to all the people that were in damand as well as frito lay for ear open to please there customers this is what people like satisfaction at there request...joe from california..


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