Friday, December 31, 2010

News: Doritos - Taco Flavor Back for a Limited Time

A "throwback" flavor of the Doritos of old, responding to feedback from customers, Frito Lay has brought back the original Doritos Taco for a limited time only (Not to be confused with their regular "Tacos at Midnight" flavor).

The limited edition flavor (which is almost as old as Doritos itself) comes in a retro Doritos bag and will only be available through the Super Bowl (Sunday, February 6th) so if you're a fan, you better get it while it's hot!

It's not available everywhere but you can check with Frito Lay's Snack Locator before you make a trip. They should make an app so that road trippers can locate just the snack they want no matter where ever they are.

Update: Rejoice Taco Flavor fans! Due to popular demand, Doritos Taco Flavor is back permanently (not all stores will have them though so be sure to check first).
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