Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Review: KFC - Double Down Part Deux - The Fix

Here's part two of my KFC Double Down Sandwich review AKA the Fix.  I recommend it to anyone who, like myself, finds the Double Down too salty to enjoy.  It's all the goodness of the Double Down but with less saltiness (but, sorry to say, not less actual salt).
Since the Double Down was much too salty for my taste, it was a good thing that I also bought two KFC Biscuits which are sold two for 99 cents as part of KFC's value menu.  I've written before that KFC Biscuits are my absolute favorite biscuits and with the value menu, I'll usually buy two with any order at KFC.
Since KFC, to my continuing dismay, still doesn't sell a biscuit sandwich, it was easy enough to split the Double Down into two separate filets and place each resultant half into a biscuit."  It's not nearly as salty to eat and you add some buttery biscuit goodness to the mix.
It's a super chicken biscuit with bacon and cheese!  Everything goes really well together and the chicken is almost as thick at the biscuit.  It was drool-inducing.  I highly recommend making one yourself.  Beware though, it's a bit expensive at about $6 ($4.99 for the Double Down plus 99 cents for two biscuits) but you can make two biscuit sandwiches.  Actually, if you buy four biscuits, you could make four biscuit sandwiches because each biscuit was about half the size of Double Down chicken filets that I received.

If KFC sold a sandwich like this, I would definitely buy it.  Sell a biscuit sandwich already dammit KFC!

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