Oct 8, 2011

News: Arby's Goes with Healthier Kids Meals

Similar to McDonald's recent change, Arby's is making their Kids Meals healthier by default.

The new default for Arby's Kids Meals is an entree, apple slices with dipping, and the choice of either low-fat milk, Capri-Sun fruit juice, or bottle water.

Arby's also has two new entree choices for their Kids Meals: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and the Jr. Turkey & Cheese Sandwich. These choices are in addition to the Jr. Roast Beef Sandwich and Prime-Cut Chicken Tenders.

Parents still have the option to request curly fries and a fountain drink as substitutes for the healthier choices.


  1. I feel a need to leave an obligatory "fast food should never be healthy" comment. "You must always substitute for the curly fries". Not that I care about kids, but what's good for McD's, is good for the cheap roast beef place.

  2. The dipping sauce is absolutely essential. Without it the fruit would probably kill you. Good question.

  3. Are the dipping sauce necessary for fruit?


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